About Me

I’m a baker, mom, business owner, and Native rights activist

I have been baking ever since I could remember. Some of my earliest memories are making Christmas cookies at my Nana’s house during the holidays. She has always been one of my biggest supporters, and ultimately the reason I decided to attend culinary school. When I was a freshman in highschool I went to live with my Nana in Westcliffe, CO. She had a connection at the local newspaper, and was able to get my bake sales advertised for everyone to see. The last bake sale I had was during the Fourth of July parade and all proceeds went towards my college fund. Just a few years later I applied and was accepted into the Auguste Escoffier School Of Culinary Arts in Boulder, CO where I went on to complete their program and earn my certificate in baking and pastry.

Thanks to my time at Auguste Escoffier, I was presented with opportunity of a lifetime — a job working in the banquet department at the world famous Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. It was a dream come true. From there I eventually moved back to the Denver Metro area and worked for David Bondarchuck, Denver’s premiere “From Scratch” caterer and winner of the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship.

In 2020 I moved to La Jara and started to advertise my cakes and other pastries. About this same time, I learned that I would soon be welcoming a baby girl into the word! By the time I was 8 months pregnant, business was booming. Needless to say, it’s been a wild ride this year trying to keep up with the baking and my infant daughter, but I could not be more excited for the work, and to see where things go from here. 

Baking for Change

I am also passionate about using my business and voice to do some good in the world. My husband , 3 daughters, and son  are members of the Southern Ute tribe, and causes related to native rights, especially native women’s rights, hold a special place in my heart. It is my hope that through my business I can help be a voice and an agent for change to help make the future brighter for members of the Southern Ute Reservation and beyond. 

Thank you for visiting my website. If you would like to get in touch, please use the following contact information or fill out my contact form. I can't wait to hear from you.

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